PCG Meet-Up Hosting Application

Would you like to host a PCG Member or PCG Tastemakers (or both!) monthly meet-up? Use this form to let us know.

PCG will coordinate reservations, communicate with guests, and the host(s) site, and manage the door.

Typically, meet-ups begin at 6:30pm, Monday/Tuesday, although Sunday afternoons are also possible.

For PCG Member Meet-ups:

Host agrees to provide a small assortment of hors d’oeuvres or similar tasty bites reflective of your establishment. Members will be expected to pay for their own drinks.

If the host is a brewery/distiller, we can flip it (offer drink tickets or sample flights .. food purchased via food truck – or offered via other means).

For PCG Member Tastemakers Meet-ups:

Host agrees to offer one small appetizer, one alcoholic beverage, and one nonalcoholic beverage utilizing PCG member products. Hosts also agree to socialize with guests, do a welcome talk about their business, the special for the evening, and their relationship with PCG.

Hosts are encouraged to run a special for Tastemakers the same evening to keep guests for dinner and for guests who were unable to make the meetup portion of the evening.

If you you like to host a meet-up on a different day, or have a different concept from what is outlined above, please offer your idea in the comment box.

If more applications than available event dates are received, host sites will be chosen via lottery based on location.

You may check both.
Must be at least 45.
Not required, but for our information.
Check as many as applicable for you.

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