Designing a Cocktail

In a well-balanced cocktail, every element harmonizes, and no single flavor dominates the others. Using the highly-regarded flavors of Muddy River products, Bob Peters will demonstrate how to choose and blend the components necessary to create perfect balance in your restaurant or home cocktail program.


Bob PetersBob Peters
Head Mixologist – The Punch Room

Bob Peters is a true Charlotte native – which makes him as rare and as special as the libations you will find behind his bar. With strong southern roots, Bob has always enjoyed the art of dining and taking care of friends, whether at local watering holes or at the James Beard House in NYC. Featured in multiple national publications and honored as Best Bartender in the World by the Ritz-Carlton, he is well known for his creative palate as well as for his ability to entertain.

Caroline Delaney
Co-Owner / Distiller – Muddy River Distillery

Caroline, a native of Gastonia, graduated from NC State with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Following husband Robbie’s passion for rum, she has been working at Muddy River full time since 2013, making sales and leading tours with her signature smile. Among the many hats she wears as partner in the business, Caroline’s biggest role at Muddy River is to give the final tasting approval on the distilled spirits before they go into the bottles.