Elevate Your Menu

Looking for ideas to elevate your menu or cookery? Learn some modern cooking techniques to do just that! This session covers sous vide cooking, utilizing off-cuts which are less expensive and often times more flavorful – as well as how simplicity of flavors can become complex preparations. You’ll also get pro tips for garnishing and plating, plus insider chef secrets.


David Quintana
Executive Chef – Dot Dot Dot

David Quintana is a well-respected culinary expert who is known for his inventive cuisine and creative use of unfamiliar ingredients. He spent most of his young adult years in Waxhaw, NC and began his career working as a dishwasher for Raintree Country Club. There he found a passion for cooking, as the kitchen staff would urge him to make his own meals and be resourceful. Today, with experience ranging from working in Michelin Star restaurants to teaching chef-driven college courses, he has worked all facets of the cooking world. Currently, Quintana leads the kitchen as Executive Chef at the noted Charlotte speakeasy Dot Dot Dot.