Sustainable Fish in NC

The sea is an important resource available in our local food basket. While the Carolinas coast offers a wide variety of seafood, not all fish is available at all times. This session will explain the seasonality and sustainability of the harvest coming in from the coast, helping you make the best purchasing decisions to support our local fisheries while getting the most flavor for your plate.


Tim Griner
Owner – Charlotte Fish Company

Tim has been fishing for as long as he can remember from summers with his family in Gautier, MS to the NC coast to the local farm pond. Fishing is just something he has always enjoyed. When a slow down in the economy negatively affected his work in engineering, he was able to spend time fishing and developing a market for his fish. He has a BS degree in engineering from NCSU and quickly knew that some of his frustrations with regulations were due to his lack of knowledge of the science behind the management. He heard a lot of the same frustrations from his fellow stakeholders and felt that the best way to understand the process was to get involved and understand the science behind management decisions and then share with other stakeholders, so that they all can be informed and involved.