Thinking About Investors: Next Step Strategies for Raising Capital

Is your company at the stage where you need investors to grow? Do you have an idea and need investors to get it launched?¬†This session focuses on the whys and hows of taking this big step in your business’ (or future businesses’) lifecycle. From decision through structure, this session will provide a primer and some tips for taking this step and avoiding some common pitfalls.


Steve Magenano
Founder / CEO – CurEat

Steve Mangano is the Founder & CEO of CurEat, a restaurant search app that has been described as “the Spotify of restaurant searches”. Before launching CurEat, Steve had a long entrepreneurial career both in and out of the hospitality industry. He has built and sold several successful companies and remains a partner in the 21C Hotel in Durham, NC. Steve taught business planning at the Art Institute in Durham for several years. He has an Undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management from Florida International University and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill.