Tastemakers Host Application

PCG will coordinate reservations, communicate with guests, and the host(s) site, and manage the door.

Hosts agree to offer one small appetizer, one alcoholic beverage, and one nonalcoholic beverage utilizing PCG member products. Hosts also agree to socialize with guests, do a welcome talk about their business, the special for the evening, and their relationship with PCG.

Hosts are encouraged to run a special for Tastemakers the same evening to keep guests for dinner and for guests who were unable to make the meetup portion of the evening.

Host sites will be chosen via lottery based on location.

Deadline for applications is Friday, November 25.

Sites will be announced Monday, December 5.

Fill out ALL fields.

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Member Affiliated Business

Event Location Full Address (Street, City, State, Zip)

Maximum Number of Guests (must be at least 45)

Do you have a private room? (Not required for hosting.)

Preferred Month (You may check more than one.)

Preferred Day (You may check more than one.)

(All meet-ups will start at 6:30pm Monday-Saturday and 3:30pm on Sunday)

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