Gregory Collier Board Member

Chef Gregory Collier was born in Memphis, TN in the summer of 1981. Even at a very young age, he always had a special place in his heart for food and its preparations.

His first real memories of cooking were at his grandmother’s where she would be making her famous “butter rolls”. She would never reveal the recipe to him, but he knew then someday he would try to make people feel the same way she had made him feel about the preparation of very desirable and delectable foods.

After attending college for a few years, Greg decided to work at a popular hot wing restaurant in Memphis. It was during his employment there, that he realized he had a natural gift with specialty foods and their preparation, and advanced himself from line cook to the kitchen manager.

After careful consideration he decided to seriously pursue his culinary love and moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he enrolled in the Scottsdale Community College Culinary Program. To support himself and his education, he worked at a local factory in Phoenix.

After graduation, he opened the Monte Lucia Kitchen in 2008. He also became employed at the Phoenician Resort as a Breakfast Chef where he improved his technique in the preparation of breakfast foods, especially eggs. He continued his employment as a chef at the Arizona Biltmore and the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona. During this time his passion and culinary skills grew stronger and refined to the point he was able to prepare food at any station in any of the kitchens.

In 2012, he and his wife, Subrina, decided they wanted to move back to the South and they both felt that the Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC areas would be a perfect location for a place such as theirs. After much searching, they found a location on Mt. Gallant in Rock Hill. Today, Chef Greg is putting all that egg expertise to work at The Yolk, where he continues his “love affair with breakfast”.


Executive Chef/Owner
The Yolk
Rock Hill