Lee Menius Board Member

Lee Menius owns and operates Wild Turkey Farms in China Grove, NC – one of the area’s longest-running small farms providing pasture raised meats direct to consumers and restaurants since its founding in 1998.

He holds an Animal Science degree from NC State, and works the 50-acre Rowan County family farm that has been handed from one generation to the next since the 1870s.

Yet as a young man choosing a future path, farming was not on his radar. “I pretty much hated it when I was a kid,” he recalls, but he quickly fell in love with butchering, and has managed to turned this mostly self-taught skill into a career. Lee is actively involved in not only raising his animals (mostly Berkshire-cross pigs) to market but also plays a significant role in the processing and packaging of all of the products that they sell.


Wild Turkey Farms
China Grove