Sarah Alexander Board Member

Over the past eleven years, Sarah Alexander has been involved with several non-profits in different capacities. She was the Charlotte Program Director for Arts For Life for eight years and worked to grow a team of artists, musicians, and creative writers to teach the arts to pediatric patients in the hospital.

She was one of four Program Directors across North Carolina and worked closely as a team to have consistent programming across all chapters and to create a plan for the future.

While working with Arts For Life, Sarah completed a certification program for “The Essentials of Business for Nonprofits” with Wake Forest University Charlotte Center and currently serves as an Advisory Council Member for Charlotte’s Arts and Science Council (ASC).

The combination of these experiences has given her a well-rounded view of the many ways non-profits are run, the possibilities of how they could be run and ways they can grow.

When Sarah and her family (Jason, Jeff, and Brittany) opened up Free Range Brewing, she easily fit into a role that connected the brewery to non-profits, makers and creative individuals in the community. As a lover of food and drink even before the days of non-profits and breweries, it became obvious that she and Piedmont Culinary Guild is a perfect pairing.

In addition to a personal agenda, PCG has become a natural fit for their business model, and for Sarah as the brewery’s Community Outreach Liaison.


Free Range Brewing