PCG Farmers and Chefs Teach Cucumbers at Daniel Stowe April 18-19

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

It’s never too early to start learning about the joys of food gardening, and it’s always a good time to share fun times with your family. Put those two together and you have a two-day Piedmont Culinary Guild¬†gardening and cooking demonstration at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, April 18-19 – part of the the scenic destination’s EarthFest weekend celebration.

Designed with children in mind, PCG Farmer members Mindy Robinson of Tega Hills Farm and Kate Brun of Lucky Leaf Gardens will go over the basics of planting and caring for cucumbers. In addition, chefs Megan Lambert, Senior Instructor / Johnson & Wales University and Michael Rayfield, Executive Banquet Chef / The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge will be preparing simple cucumber recipes that are kid-friendly for tastings.

“Cucumbers are a great option for young or first-time gardeners,” explains Robinson. “People already eat them, and they aren’t real picky to grow. Just give them water and a place to spread out, watch out for damping off and a few pesky bugs, and you should get a harvest. My grandmother reduced the size of her garden over the years, as she grew older, but she ALWAYS grew cucumbers and tomatoes!”

“Harvesting cucumbers is fun for kids because they’ll be reaping the rewards with ease,” adds Brun. “Some varieties produce all summer long. Just be sure to pick them regularly or they’ll get too big. My daughter’s favorite thing to do is to pluck one off the vine and eat it right away while its still warm from the sun.”

There is no additional charge to take part of the event (outside the general Garden admission – 12.95 for adults, $6.95 for children 12 and under).

PCG at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
April 18-19 / 11am-2pm
6500 South New Hope Rd.
Belmont, NC 28012

See you there!