What is the Piedmont Culinary Guild

  • What is the Piedmont Culinary Guild
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Piedmont Culinary Guild is a grassroots effort to create a working dialogue with the food industry by providing a platform that is easily accessible for all to utilize and benefit. Connecting the Food Chain in our Piedmont region of North and South Carolina, the PCG strengthens the local chef and culinary community by sharing resources, educating consumers, and establishing regional recognition.

The Guild is a gathering place and hub for innovative chefs, farmers, food artisans, culinary educators, and other professionals in the local food community committed to sharing our strengths and building our local food economy – founded on the idea that sharing resources and promoting educational opportunities can help develop and secure our local food system.

We have hundreds of farmers currently producing in our area. We have dozens of talented chefs working on main street, the back street and institutions that are supporting these farms and pushing the envelope every day to do more in the name of real food. Food that comes from farmers we know, farmers treating the land sustainably and providing the best possible, quality ingredients in our area. We have a plethora of talented artisans crafting breads, pastries, spices, charcuterie, beer, spirits, and cheeses that should be celebrated.

Culinary schools, in-home teachers, and life coaches are now spreading the word: local and sustainable food sources are better for the Earth – and better for your body.

Piedmont Culinary Guild is here to bring our culinary community together.

PCG Professional Membership

Membership into the Piedmont Culinary Guild is by invitation only. To receive an invitation:

  • You must be a working chef, farmer, food artisan, brewer, winemaker, food provisioner, culinary educator, or related full-time food professional in the Piedmont region of North Carolina or South Carolina.
  • You must have demonstrated the dedication to supporting and sustaining the local food environment in our region, as outlined in the PCG Charter.
  • You must have demonstrated superlative skills within your respective profession.
  • You must be sponsored by a current, dues-paying member of the PCG.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to be a member of the Piedmont Culinary Guild, get in touch with a current PCG member to secure a sponsorship and a member application.

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